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辛西雅醫生特地請SAM將此信轉給在台灣所有關心緬甸和平民主的朋友們。 給支持梅道診所的朋友跟支持者,以及全世界各地擁護人權,民主跟和平的各位, 我提筆寫這封信,為的是要呼籲國際上所有社群與組織一同支持緬甸人民,譴責最近對翁山蘇姬的逮捕與審判,這是緬甸政權又一個藐視人權跟民主的例證。 對翁山蘇姬的指控醜惡至極,對緬甸人民與亞洲政府治理的聲譽傷害深重。同時,國際社群面對此一政權做出的反應對於身處動盪、創傷與混亂的緬甸5千萬人民極為重要。保護這些受到領導者虐待的人民,是所有個人、組織、以及政府的責任。 儘管緬甸政權做出些微努力,想透過在2010年舉辦選舉,在國際社群面前顯得正面些,然而在籌備這些做做樣子的選舉的同時,他們卻加重了對人民的壓迫,逮捕翁山蘇姬只是再次證明他們會如何不惜一切手段讓選舉結果導向唯一贏家,那便是當今的政權。 我們必須與那些為了自由不斷冒險犯難的勇敢人民一同發聲,像是明國梁(Min Ko Naing)跟吳文廷(U Win Tin)。我們必須要求當局釋放所有政治犯並且要求選舉籌畫與舉辦過程保持自由且公平參與。 緬甸邊境的暴力依舊持續著,當局試圖強制族群停火來管轄邊境,這造成更大的動盪不安,戰鬥攀升也造成更多人奔逃向鄰近國家。對緬甸境內各族群的持續打壓確保了任何選舉都不會是公正無私的,因為社會上大多數都無法參與。 翁山蘇姬說過永遠不嫌太遲,因此對緬甸來說,能有機會邁向真誠和解,永遠不嫌遲;對各黨派來說,包括民主國家聯盟與各個族群團體,如能團結,也不遲。 有部份國際社群成員已經呼籲大家與緬甸政權對話,但是決定要與當局對話的人必須要很清楚他們代表誰,並且以與緬甸人民站在一起,替緬甸人民謀未來的方式展開對話。社會各個部門必須通盤合作,包括草根階級。 為了緬甸的未來,也為了亞洲的未來,當前對於緬甸公民的壓迫一定得停止。環境破壞、貧困、缺乏基本健康與教育服務都造成人道危機。無家可歸、喪失認同,無公民權,也使下一代緬甸人陷入存亡關頭,未來正被毀滅,顯而易見。 我寫這篇文字,是敦請身為人權保衛者的我們所有人,對這群直言反對政府罪行與殘暴作為的勇敢緬甸人民,展現你們的支持與團結。避免這些事情繼續,提倡和平、人權、民主,是我們的工作。 感謝與祝福 辛西雅醫生 梅道診所主任 ---- "感謝好友Portony協助中文版翻譯,歡迎轉貼轉寄宣傳....." 更多關於緬甸和翁山蘇姬的訊息,請見http://tasskn.blogspot.com/ To friends and supporters of Mae Tao Clinic and to supporters of human rights, democracy and peace throughout the world, I am writing to call on the international community and organizations to stand by the people of Burma, by condemning the recent arrest and trial of Aung San Suu Kyi, yet another example of the regimes utter disrespect for human rights and democracy. The accusations against Aung San Suu Kyi are ugly and damaging not only to the people of Burma but to the reputation of governance in Asia. At the same time the reaction of the international community to the regime, is of utmost importance to the 50 million people of Burma whose lives are constantly in the throes of uncertainty, trauma and confusion. It is the responsibility of all individuals, organizations and governments to protect those who are only abused by their leaders. The Burmese regime has made some effort to present a positive face to the international community by establishing elections in 2010. Yet, in preparing for these sham elections, they have increased their oppression of their people, and the arrest of Aung San Su Kyi is another example of how they will stop at nothing to ensure that the elections have only one outcome, that is the election of the current regime. We need to join our voices with the brave people who continue to risk their lives for the sake of freedom, those such as Min Ko Naing and U Win Tin. We need to demand the release of all political prisoners and for free and fair participation in developing and holding election processes. The violence in the border areas of Burma continues, as the regime tries to coerce the ethnic ceasefire groups into policing the border areas. This is resulting in instability, and increased fighting causing more people spilling into neighbouring countries. The continued oppression of the ethnic groups within Burma guarantees that any election will be unjust and biased as large sections of society will be unable to participate. Aung San Suu Kyi has said that it is never too late and therefore it is never too late for Burma to have a chance for true reconciliation and for all parties, including the National League For Democracy and the ethnic groups to join together. Some of the international community has been calling for engagement with the regime, but those who choose to engage with the regime must be clear about who they stand for and engage only in a way that is with and for the people of Burma. There must be a thorough collaboration with all sectors of society including those at the grassroots level. For the sake of the future of Burma and therefore for the sake of the future of Asia it is imperative that the current oppression of the citizens of Burma stops. The environmental destruction, deprivation, lack of the most basic health and education services are a humanitarian crisis. Displacement, loss of identity and lack of citizenship are creating a crisis for the next generation of Burmese. The damage to the future is already evident. I am writing to ask that, we as human rights defenders, show our support and solidarity with the courageous people of Burma who continue to speak out against the atrocities and crimes of a government. It is our job to prevent these and to promote peace, human rights and democracy. With Thanks and Best Wishes Dr Cynthia Maung Director, Mae Tao Clinic